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          EVA FRISKMAN


“MATRIX of CONCEPTUALIZATION”                               MARCH 2 – APRIL 3. 2012

”Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter´s soul, “Vincent van Gogh declared. Contemporary Artist Eva Friskman´s

unique fused glass on steel plate paintings express the powerful  emotions  from her heart and soul through her balanced compositions and

expressive use of color, line, light and opacity. Utilizing an innovative artistic process, Ms. Friskmans cut colored glass pieces are doubled

layered and then melted together incorporating screen printed texts and  patterns. The glass artwork is then mounted on black sheet,

Plexiglas or stainless steel which is subsequently mat lacquered to form dynamic paintings. Conveying a sense of brilliant emotion and

adventure to the dazzled viewer, her exuberant brushstrokes cascade and morph into visually exciting tableaux which exude vivacity and

strength. The viewer feels an innate life force emanating from Ms. Friskman´s Oeuvre where texture and movement emote a vibrant sense

of dynamic action and fascinating unpredictability.


An organic luminescence radiates an aura of joie de vivre and vivacity as her forms are evocative of natural subjects matter such as woman´s

faces, birds, flower, jars etc. Their passionate execution lends them a sense of power and urgency as her paintings represent infinite prospects

and a world of possibility. Painting with transluminescent colors such as cherry red, robin blue, grass green and lemony yellow, the eye follows

the direction of the vibrant colors to the dynamically outlined cut glass forms which swirl or curve. Her texturally bold two-dimensional works

illustrate the charisma of the artist´s unique artistic vision and have a mesmerizing effect on the spectator. Creating compositions which

resonate with beguiling forms, Eva Friskman´s resplendent works metamorphose into visceral metaphorical portals which illuminate the

sublime majesty of the artistic process. Externalizing the magnificence of everyday objects, people and events of nature, her fused glass

paintings are not a direct reflection of reality but rather are an emotive expression of captured time and inner spiritual space. Creating a

sense of motion, her glass Pierces are layered one on top of the other to indicate that the tangible is only the preface to the intangible story.

The viewer, therefore, is not only a spectator to the works, but also a participant in a continuous aesthetic experience as her art conveys a

sense of joyful anticipation.


Hailing from Sweden, Eva Friskman has exhibited her artwork throughout Europe, including extensively exhibiting her native country.

Ms. Friskman has also been honored by being showcased at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France as well as exhibiting in Berlin,

Germany. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is delighted to shine the spotlight on her exceptional oeuvre.


Ruthie Tucker

Executive Director, Curator

                                                                                                                  Tillbaka till första sidan